My Projects

I'm a free software activist. These are just some of the main projects in which I was involved in the last few years

FOSSID offers license compliance and security auditing servers, as well as a tool that allows to quickly identify open source files and snippets in a given piece of source code. FOSSID uses a specifically developed database engine that allows to compare hundreds of files per second against a trillion lines of community code.

Free and Open Source Software has taken over large parts and even entire areas in technology, though very little is written about FOSS Management. The Handbook of FOSS Management defines key terms and basic processes required for effectively managing FOSS assets and ensuring license compliance. Free and Open Source Software has taken over large parts and even entire areas in technology, though very little is written about FOSS Management.

Linux Espanol is a Spanish non-profit organization, commited to promoting free software in Spain and Latin America, and to protect the Linux trademark in the Spanish territory. Among our recent achievements, we stopped an abusive advertisement Microsoft was publishing in Google, misdirecting users searching the term Linux to their website. We are currently working hard in the Observatorio de Neutralidad Tecnologica, an observatory dedicated to ensure the technological neutrality in all Spanish Public Administrations.

The "Observatorio de Neutralidad Tecnologica" started with a report presented before the "Defensor del Pueblo", a government agency dedicated to offer support to Spanish habitants. The Observatorio is committed to ensuring the technological neutrality in the Spanish Administration. Through claims received by users via Internet, and with a proactive web spider, we detect and report any incidents that would threat the technological neutrality in Spain. Today, the Observatory looks at all Ministries, sub-delegations, government, regional and municipal institutions.

Linux Español is a web forum that provides GNU/Linux support to Spanish speaking users. This was the first project I started in Spain, which led to forming the Linux Espanol Organization. This forum contains precious information about GNU/Linux and helps thousands of visitors every day.

LinEspa is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian. It started as a need expressed by thousands of users in our Forum. LinEspa is a lightweight distribution, targeted for users with low-end computers. It features the XFCE desktop environment and a live CD, multimedia capabilities, a powerful Office suite, photo editors, etc.

Espontaneas was an area of free collective creation in which users can post photos and videos directly from a mobile phone, or from any computer. Publishing photos on espontaneas, only requires a mobile phone with camera and MMS (multimedia messaging) or e-mail (GPRS) support, or simply any computer connected to the Internet. The service is free to the user, however, the mobile phone operator might charge additionally for the network utilization. The license of espontaneas provides an abdication to entities of copyright management and an incompatibility with DRM-protected media.