10 reasons why Motorola's V3X SUCKS      2006.03.14 @ 12:37:00 AM
I've got a hold of one of these and it's so bad that I felt the need of writing about it. Hopefully someone will read this and will decide to spend their money on something else.

I've simply never seen a phone that's this unstable, uncomfortable and useless. It just surprises me that they can release something like this to the market. Why do I say that ? Well, here is my list:

1- It squeaks like the cheapest toy you can find in your Happy Meal.
2- Flip it shut too hard and it shuts down. Literally, unless you are VERY careful when you shut the lid, it dies and leaves you off-line. This is not good.
3- After taking a picture, the most natural thing one would want to do is to email it. Well, not that easy. You get the option to send it via MMS, but if you want to do email instead, it is a pain!. The only way to email a picture is to go to the main menu, compose a message and then attach the picture. This is a feature sadly designed for the operator's pocket rather than the user's convenience.
4- Call log crashes all the time and goes back to the main menu. This is simply frustrating. For example, if you missed a call, there is no way to tell who it was unless you restart your phone and, if you are lucky, then works. Most of the time, when you launch the call log, it silently goes to the main menu.
5- Voice commands would be a nice feature if they worked!. When I hear the voice menu, I state the command and it simply drops to the main menu. I've only seen this working once.
6- I miss the regular T9 ! It has a dual-dictionary, self-learning system... Whatever! it's useless. For example, when typing (or trying to) an email address, the only options are: dictionary 1, dictionary 2, numbers or symbols. What about regular character entry !!! You would expect that when typing an email address right ? Well, not here.
7- The built-in video card is very good, but Motorola hasn't finished the drivers for it yet!
8- Calls simply drop for no reason. This happens I would say with about 10% of my calls.
9- Battery life just sucks. Even worst, you think you have 2/3 but all of the sudden you hear the "beep" meaning it's running out and a few seconds later it's dead. No time for even getting close to a charger. Oh! you can charge it with a USB cable sure, but if you do that an overnite your charge is good for only about 4 hours of standby...
10- When you enable the flash it illuminates the plastic that covers the camera sideways projecting a terrible glare. Pictures then look like if you had a smoke machine in the room, which makes the flash useless.

The only pro I've seen is the 2MP camera. The quality is the best I've seen so far (when you disable the flash, of course).

Anyway, my first cell-phone was a Motorola back in 1993. The V3X is definitely my LAST Motorola. Enough said.

Update: Right before dumping this piece of crap into my trashcan, I found out about a new firmware which solves the stability problems. Also, about typing text I realized the "iTAP" method can be disabled. It's a bit of a pain as it must be done within every application but is worth it at the end.

In case someone is interested, the firmware is called:

You need the following tools:
- PST_6.7_GENERAL (and a patch that needs to be applied)
- p2kman_pst
- A good Motorola flashing guide

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