HP PSC 1410 support for GNU/Linux      2005.08.27 @ 11:57:28 PM
Well, this one drove me a bit crazy. The information on HP's website and support forums as of today is non-existant and I've read different stories on forums about using the PSC 1310 drivers, but nothing really works. The printer always ignores the print jobs while the printing server (CUPS) thinks they have all been printed out successfully.

After jumping back and forth between HP's HPOJ and HPLIP drivers, I finally got it to work. All you need is the following packages: HPOJ, HPIJS and the PPD for the PSC 1400 series. Here is how to install it on a Debian box:

apt-get install hpoj hpijs

(this is going to ask you to probe for parallel and usb devices, answer Y to USB and your printer will be detected as "1400 series")

As far as the PPD, it is available here:
(click on Download PPD)

Now you need to place that file in the right directory. In my case (as root):

cp HP-PSC_1400-hpijs.ppd /usr/share/cups/model

and restart cups (as root):

/etc/init.d/cupsys restart

Now, open the CUPS web configuration with your favorite web browser: http://localhost:631

Click on "Printers", then "Add Printer" and enter a name for it (you can skip location and description). If you are lucky, you will have your PSC detected as shown below:

Then select HP as the printer family:

If you have installed your PPD correctly, you should have your PSC 1400 series as an option:

Now complete the installation and print your test page. You will note that it takes FOREVER to print a single page, which I will investigate next. For now, I have accomplished my mission : ) 

Update: Printouts in Draft mode (B&W 300dpi) come out at a decent speed.
Update 2:For scanning support all you need is Sane (which most likely is already installed). In case it isn't (or in case you are missing something), issue the following command:
apt-get install libsane libsane-extras sane sane-utils xsane xsane-common

then simply launch The Gimp and you'll see your scanner under File - Acquire

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