LinEspa 0.16 released      2004.04.14 @ 7:18:34 PM
Yet another alternative for the spanish speaking community. Built on Knoppix, LinEspa offers a great selection of software that will satisfy the needs of most latin american linux users while maintaning a small 550Mb ISO image size.

Update: Starting with version 0.20, LinEspa is no longer based on Knoppix. It is now based on pure Debian.

In addition to the perforance, stability, security and best hardware recognition, LinEspa adds a smart selection of packages. This selection is the result of what users have been asking through thousands of posts in

Not only LinEspa is a great alternative to most spanish speaking windows users, but it will also be physically available at most countries in Latin America, through a chain of distributors.

Some of the packages included are:

-KDE 3.2
-Firefox 0.8
-Evolution 1.4.3
-OpenOffice 1.1.1

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