Encoding MP3 from an audio CD      2003.10.22 @ 7:12:28 PM
Making MP3 files from an audio CD involves two easy steps: Ripping and encoding. cdda2wav is a ripping tool shipped with RedHat. As far as the encoding, you will need bladenc, lame or any other encoder. You can do rip and encode manually from the console, or you can use grip, a GUI that is also shipped with RedHat

As root, do yum install lame in order to download and install lame or download it off RPMFind.

cdda2wav and grip should be already installed on a standard RedHat workstation. Just run grip and let the GUI guide you through the ripping/encoding process.

If you want to do it yourself, cdda2wav dumps your CD tracks as WAV files. You must speficy the CDROM device and the tracks you want to dump as follows:

cdda2wav -D /dev/cdrom -t1 (this means track 1, you can select multiple tracks with -t1+10, for example)

Encoding MP3 with lame:

This is quick, all you have to do is: lame name.wav and you'll get your mp3 in no time. Note that you cannot specify *.wav, you have to do one at a time or write a quick script.

for file in `ls *.wav`
lame $file

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