GPS Navigation System under GNU/Linux      2003.10.19 @ 8:07:31 PM
I have just installed Routis 2004 on my RedHat 9 workstation with Wine. I couldn't wait to see it running, so I decided to cheat by using Crossover Office rather than trying to get my wine to work (Crossover Office is the paid version of wine, including all DLLs and windoze stuff required to run IE, MS Office and a bunch of other heavy Windows applications.

Routis Installation Screen

Installation was pretty straight forward. The only trick was to copy both CDs and launch the installation to the hard drive. The reason why I did this was because when you get the "Insert CD 2" prompt in the middle of the installation you can't eject the drive as it is mounted, in use by wine. Also, make sure you create a CD-ROM drive entry in your wine config file, as you have to make Routis think it is accessing the CD-ROM. The config is usually located at ~/cxoffice/support/dotwine/config (Crossover Office) or ~/.wine/config (Wine).

Routis 2004 now features a 3D displaying engine. Refresh speed is quick and overall performance shows no degradation when compared with a PC running Windows.

Routis 2004 Full Screen

Sound works as well of course and that is one of the thinkg I like the best about Routis. Check this out:
Enter Roundabout
Waiting for GPS

Last, here is also a shot of the 2D map view.
Routis 2D map view

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