A nice GDM Theme (login screen)      2003.07.27 @ 9:15:02 PM
I have just finished a nice GDM greeter theme in black and yellow, based on a picture of my Gallery.

In order to install it on RedHat, get it here. Then click on your RedHat Menu / System Settings / Login Screen. Click on the "Graphical Greeting" tab and click on "Install New Theme" (make sure you select it after it shows up in the list). That is it.


PS: If you wonder how to take a screenshot of the GDM (login) screen, this is the way it works for me:
echo "chvt 7 ; sleep 5 ; XAUTHORITY=/var/gdm/:0.Xauth DISPLAY=:0.0 import -window root /tmp/gdm-shot.png" > /tmp/capture
(This assumes your login screen is in VT7 CTRL+ALT+F7)

Now log off and at the GDM screen hit CTRL+ALT+F1. Log in as root and type sh /tmp/capture. The screen will switch to GDM and after a few seconds you will hear a BEEP. Log in and you will have the screenshot at /tmp/gdm-shot.png

Note: import is part of the ImageMagick package

Also, take a look at my GDM Theme HOWTO

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