Free software as a government policy in Ecuador      2007.04.26 @ 8:05:00 PM
The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, has announced the use of free software as a government policy to the people of Ecuador and all Latin American countries, in a video that will be broadcasted this weekend.

'We must adopt free software at public and private levels. This way, we will ensure the sovereignty of our States, depending on our own forces, rather than forces external to Latin America', he affirmed.

This is the very first time that a President makes such announcement about free software. People being to realize the importance of free software in the public administrations. Correa, without a doubt, has solid knowledge in the field and has already taken the right measures. Hopefully, this message will reach policy makers in other countries. This attitude allows a free evolution of the technology by allowing free concurrence, open standards, and avoiding the discrimination of citizens based on their technology choice.

Felicitaciones Ecuador !

Official article at the Presidencia of Ecuador:

Full resolution video available at Linux Español:

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