After more than two years, I have finally managed to package and publish this project.

Fotoblog is a web based picture gallery that automatically receives and publishes real-time pictures from your mobile phone. It's great for keeping in touch with family and friends, as they can see where you are and what have you been doing. It also allows you to go back in time by simply browsing old pictures or by searching for a specific picture. Every picture is published along with the text sent from the mobile phone.

Fotoblog is a simple PHP application that automatically receives and publishes your photos in a reverse-chronological order. Pictures can be sent from a mobile phone via email or MMS (to an email), or simply from any email client.

Incoming emails are downloaded via POP3, or can also be piped from sendmail (an alias is created in /etc/aliases and is piped to import.php). Among the current features, it includes:

- POP3 support
- STDIN support (when piped directly from sendmail)
- Image Pagination with configurable number of columns and images per page
- Image rotation function via web
- Photo tag edition via web
- Automatic thumbnail generation
- User access log, with originating ip and network display (php-whois required)
- User account maintenance via web
- Photo search function
- Multi-language support
- EXIM support (for extracting real picture date and time)

Fotoblog requires Apache / PHP / MySQL and also:

-PHP-Mail Decode (Email decoding)
-class.POP3.php3, which is already included (POP3 support)
-jpegtran (for image rotation, usually part of the "libjpeg-progs" package)
-exiftags (for using the actual picture date, instead of date of reception)

Screenshots Yes, everybody wants screenshots. I'm posting here a few of them
Main screen

Picture listing with the title and photo age

3GP videos are shown with a special icon

Access log shows wrong password attempts (in red) and detailed information about picture views, IP addresses and originating network names

If you need any further info, feel free to email me.

All knowledge and software published in this website is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL)