KK - An ASK Web Access      2006.08.06 @ 1:00:00 PM
Ever since I implemented Advanced SPAM Killer (ASK), I've had a spam-free inbox. ASK is the only way to achieve a nearly 100% SPAM-free inbox, since it closes your inbox for unknown users.

The only drawback is that when people want to email you by first time, they must reply to the automated confirmation email generated by my server. In my mind, if someone really wants to reach me, they will simply respond to the email message.

ASK simply works great, and provides an email interface for queue administration. However, with the time you realize that managing your queue via email is a bit annoying. I needed an application that would allow me to check and manage my ASK queue, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything that would work for me.

That is why I have written KK. KK is a very simple PHP script that displays an ASK queue and executes ASK queue commands by automatically trigerring email messages. It requires the ASK queue to be imported into a MYSQL database, which is achieved with a simple bash script.

KK lacks user authentication, as it isn't targeted for large amount of users. Instead, it identifies users by using a simple numeric code. Maybe this will be improved in future releases, or maybe not.

KK in Spanish sounds like "caca" which is the Spanish word for "poop". It is a KK script that deals with KK SPAM. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me.

Download KK


Installation Instructions

KK is composed by a PHP script (index.php) and a bash script (importask.sh). Both scripts need to access a MySQL database, which contains KK's single table.

The MySQL table can be created with:

create table KK (user varchar(255), subject varchar(255), code varchar(255), fromm varchar(255));
(make sure you set the username and password for your scripts)

Next, place the importask.sh script somewhere in your server. Edit the file and configure your database information, users, and paths. Automate the execution of your script by adding it to your cron list (crontab -e). For example, it can be executer every 30 minutes with:

0,30 * * * * /root/kk/importask.sh

Now place your index.php somewhere in your www directory and set the right file permissions. Edit the file and configure your database, users, and paths.

User Instructions

Once installed, KK can be accessed by typing your URL including your secret code. For example:

(note that the secret code is defined in the configuration section of index.php)

Whitelist: Moves the email message to your inbox, and adds the recipient to your ASK whitelist

Inbox: Simply moves the email message to your inbox

X: Deletes the message from your ASK queue

KK on a recipient: Deletes all messages from that sender, and adds the sender to your ASK ignorelist (further messages from that sender will simply be ignored).

KK on a subject: Deletes all messages with that subject. It is usual to receive multiple SPAM messages at once with the same subject. This doesn't add the recipients to your ASK ignorelist in order to avoid unnecessary list grow (they are usually inexistent, randomly-generated email addresses)

All messages including TEXT are stinky KK: Looks for a pattern on every message subject, and silently deletes all matches, without adding senders to the KK ignorelist.

All messages are KK: Silently deletes all messages without adding senders to the KK ignorelist.

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