List of Archived blog entries
Free software as a government policy in Ecuador  2007.04.26
Playstation 3 experience  2007.03.23
Windows Vista will be SUBSTANTIALLY reliable and secure  2007.01.04
The Butterfly Clause  2006.12.31
Fotoblog: Organizing pictures from your mobile phone  2006.11.05
Running GNU/Linux on a Samsung R40  2006.10.31
Open letter to the Minister of Public Administrations  2006.10.22
Gestor Güífi  2006.09.24
KK - An ASK Web Access  2006.08.06
Linux Español opens its doors  2006.07.31
Chrooting Apache  2006.06.27
Google stops Microsoft's ad in Spain  2006.05.02
Microsoft pays Google for the word Linux  2006.04.30
"le", a decent console-based text editor  2006.03.21
10 reasons why Motorola's V3X SUCKS  2006.03.14
LinEspa 0.32 released  2006.02.18
Gestor Güífi (WI-FI Manager) 0.03 released!  2006.01.24
Linux Magazine is now available online  2006.01.11
Problem with Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG (IPW2200) and udev  2006.01.07
Resolving Sudoku  2005.12.25
LINUX.ES domain granted to Linux Español  2005.12.19
LinEspa 0.31 released  2005.12.19
Article published in Linux Magazine  2005.11.20
Creative Zen under GNU/Linux  2005.11.09
Vodafone 3G PCMCIA card under GNU/Linux  2005.09.27
HP PSC 1410 support for GNU/Linux  2005.08.27
Skype Emoticons for GNU/Linux  2005.08.25
Running a D-Link DWL-122 on a 64bit kernel  2005.08.10
Ethernet NIC support for Toshiba Satellite A80-135  2005.06.26
No Software Patents  2005.06.10
Synching a Palm Zire 31 with Evolution  2005.04.24
GPRS connection over Bluetooth with GNU/Linux (HOWTO)  2005.03.16
Diskless boot on remote filesystem with NFSBOOT (HOWTO)  2005.02.23
LinEspa 0.22 relased  2005.01.10
GPRS connection with a Nokia 7610 phone  2005.01.04
Firefox ad published in New York Times today  2004.12.16
A GNU/Linux-based Picture Frame (that's right)  2004.11.29
Migrating from Ximian Evolution to Mozilla Thunderbird  2004.11.27
Bootsplash with progress bar HOWTO  2004.10.30
Running GNU/Linux on a Toshiba M30 series (SM30-801)  2004.10.03
Yet another article published in TodoLinux  2004.09.27
Converting 3GP video files HOWTO  2004.09.26
Running GNU/Linux on an Airis GEA 719 laptop  2004.08.28
MiniDV capture via FireWire  2004.07.25
Problems with KSplash in KDE 3.2.3  2004.06.30
Article published in TodoLinux  2004.05.30
Linux Español passes 15,000 posts  2004.05.30
LinEspa 0.16 released  2004.04.14
Editing video with mplayer / mencoder  2004.03.04
Strange connections to Apache  2004.02.27
GNU/Linux on the IBM ThinkPad i Series 1300 1171 370  2004.01.31
Hardware Review From Tuscany  2004.01.19
D-Link DWL-122 Wireless USB Adapter GNU/Linux HOWTO  2003.12.22
Nice, smooth and scalable fonts with Mozilla Firebird  2003.12.08
Creating GDM Themes mini HOWTO  2003.12.06
File monitoring with DNotify  2003.11.08
Burning CDs and DVDs with GNU/Linux  2003.11.02
Intercepting HTTPS and SSH1 with ettercap  2003.10.31
Encoding MP3 from an audio CD  2003.10.22
GPS Navigation System under GNU/Linux  2003.10.19
Booting Windows from a second drive with GRUB  2003.10.18
USB network support for the Sharp Zaurus  2003.10.15
Yet Another GDM Theme  2003.10.14
A GPS Navigation System on GNU/Linux ?  2003.09.28
Installing GNU/Linux on a CompactFlash Card Mini-HOWTO  2003.09.10
GNOME woes. Am I the only one ?  2003.08.22
Installing a Courier-IMAP server with SSL on RedHat 9  2003.08.14
Moving files with rsync (rsync --move-files)  2003.08.13
HP OfficeJet with Red Hat Linux 9  2003.08.12
Printing Graphics on a Seiko Smart Label Printer on GNU/Linux  2003.08.05
Yet another GDM Theme  2003.08.02
A nice GDM Theme (login screen)  2003.07.27
Blackbox GPS receiver  2003.07.19
Connecting to Microsoft SQL from PHP (GNU/Linux)   2003.07.18
Receptor USB GPS para GNU/Linux  2003.07.12
Captura de Imagenes y Videos en la red  2003.07.08
Macromedia Flash plugin for Mozilla  2003.07.02
Filtro de contenido para Internet  2003.06.30
Categoria en espanol  2003.06.30
Gallery. Hack for disabling full-size images  2003.06.28
Old B/W Parallel Quickcam  2003.06.28
BluePad Tablet PC  2003.06.27
Picture Gallery  2003.06.26
How To Replace Grub with Lilo  2003.06.25
How To set up a USB Quickcam on RedHat 8.0  2003.06.25
How To set up PPP over Bluetooth with GNU/Linux  2003.06.25
So far so good  2003.06.25
Network Solutions Customer Service  2003.06.25
Blog installed in 2 minutes  2003.06.24